“I wasn’t awake until I saw you, and I couldn’t really see you until I painted you.”
Jolynn Clancey.


For my entire life, I’ve loved art in just about every form. I have wonderful memories as a child of being encouraged to draw the world around me, starting with my parents giving me an Audubon Society leather bound book on birds. I’ve also been highly inspired by both Impressionism and English watercolor. After dabbling in oils, acrylics, pen and Ink, etc, I found my passion in simple water and pigment. As with most artists, my work is not for everyone. But it suits me well, and helps me find an outlet to uniquely capture the beauty I see all around me.

I also get great enjoyment out of taking reference photographs, which has, in an interesting turn of fate, given me yet another outlet to express the beauty of this life. I hope you enjoy what you see, but more importantly, I hope it moves you somehow; whether is recalling a fond memory of a special place, person or pet. Or maybe its just pleasing to look at.

Please enjoy, comment, contribute to inspiration by sharing photos, or ask for a custom commission. (I promise to do my best).